I work on problems in geometry and topology. I am particularly interested in the symplectic topology of algebraic varieties. My research is currently supported by EPSRC Grant EP/P02095X/2 "Singularities and Symplectic Topology" (formerly known as EP/P02095X/1 when I was at UCL).


A Lagrangian Klein bottle you can't squeeze.
Constructing local models for Lagrangian torus fibrations.
with M. Mauri, arXiv:1905.09229
to appear in Annales Henri Lebesgue.
Antiflips, mutations, and unbounded symplectic embeddings of rational homology balls.
with G. Urzúa, arXiv:1807.06073
to appear in Annales de l'Institut Fourier.
Bounds on Wahl singularities from symplectic topology.
with I. Smith, arXiv:1708.02268
Algebraic Geometry, (2020) 1(1) 59-85.
Markov numbers and Lagrangian cell complexes in the complex projective plane.
with I. Smith, arXiv:1606.08656
Geometry & Topology (2018) 22(2):1143-1180.
Generating the Fukaya categories of Hamiltonian G-manifolds.
with Y. Lekili, arXiv:1507.05842
Journal of the American Mathematical Society (2019) 32:119-162.
Exotic spheres and the topology of symplectomorphism groups.
with G. Dimitroglou Rizell, arXiv:1407.3173
Journal of Topology (2015) 8(2):586-602.
Floer cohomology of the Chiang Lagrangian.
with Y. Lekili, arXiv:1401.4073
Selecta Mathematica (2015) 21(4):1361-1404.
Unlinking and unknottedness of Lagrangian submanifolds.
with G. Dimitroglou Rizell, arXiv:1211.6633
Geometry & Topology, (2014) 18:997-1034.
Pseudoholomorphic tori in the Kodaira-Thurston manifold.
with J. Kędra, arXiv:1205.1239
Compositio Mathematica (2015) 151(12) 2212-2250.
Remarks on monotone Lagrangians in Cn.
with J. Kędra, arXiv:1110.0927
Mathematical Research Letters (2014) 6:1241-1255.
The infimum of the Nijenhuis energy.
Mathematical Research Letters, (2012) 19(2):383-388.
Quantum cohomology of twistor spaces and their Lagrangian submanifolds.
Journal of Differential Geometry, (2014) 96(3)353-397.
Symplectic mapping class groups of some Stein and rational surfaces.
Journal of Symplectic Geometry (2011) 9(1):45-82.
Lagrangian spheres in Del Pezzo surfaces.
Journal of Topology (2010) 3(1):181-227.


Symplectic embeddings of rational homology balls
Glasgow Topology Seminar (October 2019): YouTube version
KIAS Lectures on Symplectic aspects of degenerations
Three lectures given at the 2019 ASADCS conference in Seoul: notes
Lagrangian cell complexes and Markov numbers
Institute for Advanced Study (September 2016): video
Exotic spheres and the topology of symplectomorphism groups
Simons Center for Geometry and Physics (August 2014): video and slides
Lectures on symplectic and algebraic geometry
UK-Japan Mathematical Forum (January 2013): notes from Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3 and accompanying blog post
The quantum cohomology of twistor spaces
CAST Workshop, Madrid (February 2012), slides
Lagrangian spheres in Del Pezzo surfaces
Lyon, February 2011 and Oxford, April 2010
Symplectic Picard-Lefschetz theory (expository, mostly pictures!)
Slides from a colloquium I gave in Neuchâtel (April 2012).
Luttinger surgery (expository)
ENS Lyon (January 2012) expository notes
Slides/notes from successful job/postdoc talks

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