A First Course in Symplectic Topology

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This is a summary of the content of a course given at ETH Zürich in the Herbstsemester 2010. It was aimed at giving Masters and PhD students a broad overview of this subject with much emphasis on examples and computations and less on general theory. It owes a lot to this course taught by Ivan Smith at DPMMS in 2006 from which I learned most of the material.

All teaching materials available from this site are released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 Licence. That means you're free to use them as long as you give appropriate attribution and release derivatives under an isomorphic licence.


  1. Overview and motivation (notes)
  2. Basics (notes)
  3. Neighbourhoods (notes)
  4. Lagrangians I (notes)
  5. Lagrangians II (notes)
  6. Projective varieties I (notes)
  7. Projective varieties II (notes)
  8. Symplectic blow-up (notes)
  9. Picard-Lefschetz I (notes)
  10. Picard-Lefschetz II (notes)
  11. The non-Kähler world (notes)
  12. Hamiltonian group actions (notes)
  13. Pseudoholomorphic curves I (notes)
  14. Pseudoholomorphic curves II (notes)