Erratum for arXiv:1110.0927

[2019-09-10 Tue]

I said that I would be posting clarifications and errata for my old papers. Here's another one. In our paper about monotone Lagrangians in \(\mathbf{C}^n\), Jarek Kedra and I proved a bunch of things (that monotone Lagrangians in \(\mathbf{C}^3\) are necessarily products \(S^1\times\Sigma\), an h-principle for constructing immersed monotone Lagrangians and, to illustrate these results, examples of monotone Lagrangian \(S^1\times\Sigma\)s in \(\CC^3\)). Later, Egor Shelukhin pointed out that the proof of Proposition 12 (the construction of the monotone Lagrangian products) was essentially nonsense. It turns out to be easy to modify the argument to get the examples; we wrote an erratum to this effect, which we have now posted to arXiv and sent to the journal.

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