Open notebook

[2019-08-07 Wed]

I have started an open notebook. It's somewhere I plan to post some of the mathematical questions I'm thinking about, while I'm thinking about them, and to post whatever progress I've made on them, while it's being made. This is quite different from my usual mode of working (where I think about things for a year or more and then eventually write up the distillate and post it to arXiv).

I have been planning to try this out for a very long time, but there was always been reasons not to. A shorter list is the list of reasons I wanted to try it:

So far, I've started one project (about Lefschetz pencils on Godeaux surfaces) and posted some thoughts and some Python code. It's maybe a little difficult to figure out what it's all about at the moment, but that's because 90\% of the project is either in my head or on scrap paper. I'm hoping to rectify that in the next few weeks, but the online version will necessarily lag behind in comprehensibility (it takes time to write things down, even messily).

If you want to contribute in some way, please let me know!

Comments, corrections and contributions are very welcome; please drop me an email at j.d.evans at if you have something to share.

CC-BY-SA 4.0 Jonny Evans.