Clarifications and errata

[2018-01-31 Wed]

In the spirit of Michael Hutchings and Paul Seidel, I have decided to use this blog to keep track of clarifications and errata for my papers. Most of my papers say something wrong or inaccurate but nonfatal. In most cases, it doesn't seem worth filing a correction. But occasionally someone asks me about one of these things and, it being several years since I wrote the paper, I panic all over again trying to figure out why their question doesn't invalidate my work (piece of advice: when this happens to you, almost always trust your past self; they were much more familiar with the paper when they were writing it). I will keep the list below updated as I add more clarifications and errata to the blog.

Comments, corrections and contributions are very welcome; please drop me an email at j.d.evans at if you have something to share.

CC-BY-SA 4.0 Jonny Evans.