MATH105 Linear Algebra

Module overview

What is Linear Algebra about?

Linear Algebra provides us with a unified language for talking both about systems of simultaneous linear equations and about linear transformations of space (rotations, reflections, etc). It is the foundation for almost all mathematics you will study hereafter, because:

We will see:

Video lectures

Because of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, I am recording my lectures for this module (which runs in April/May 2020). Below you will find links to all the videos, together with HTML transcripts for each video. In the week-by-week plan you will be able to see what work you need to do each week to keep up with the course.


I'll assume you've seen basic trigonometry and calculus, but very little else.


Weekly assessments you can upload to Moodle (with the usual deadlines). The end-of module test will be an open book test running over 48 hours, and there will be no "final exam" this year.

Index of all video lectures

Each page below contains:

The notes are annotated with times (these annotations should look like (8.30)) which indicate whereabouts in the video you can see that section of the notes. I have also indicated the length of the videos below similarly. The total length of all videos is about 10 hours and 53 minutes.